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6 reasons why studying in Malaysia is Best for everyone

After completing the grade 12 education in Pakistan students want to study abroad. This wish is because to graduate from one of the top universities around the world. In this category, both medical and engineering students come.

But unfortunately due to some reasons (mostly due to economical problems) students remain from their dream very far. As a study abroad outside the country requires lots of money which cannot afford by many students.

But a piece of good news for average students is that now they do not require lots of money to study abroad. And they have one of the best options is Study in Malaysia

There are lots of good and quality universities in Malaysia. And the budget is affordable as compared to the US or another European country. To know all the information about studying in Malaysia for Pakistani students stay with us and scroll down till the end.

Why choose Malaysia?

There are several reasons which compel the students to study in Malaysia some of them are given below.

  1. Rapid Development of the country 

Malaysia is on the list of those countries which changed their structure and shape in a very short period. People and especially students now happily want to visit this country and explore all the modern cities of the country.

  • 20% of the world’s animal species

This country is rich in animal species and the world’s 20% species are present here. That’s the reason that this become in the world’s 17 megadiverse countries.

  • Universities in the list of top 500

Malaysia is strong in the case of education and it provides world-class education to students around the world. That’s the main reason that lots of students choose Study in Malaysia. 8 top universities in Malaysia add their position in the world’s top 500 universities ranking.

  • Vast platform for international students 

Students who want to Study in Malaysia have the option to choose a certificate, diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate course. Lots of students visit there to complete their education in the best medical and engineering universities.

  • Affordable Tuition fees for higher education in Malaysia

Tuition fees are not fixed but vary according to the universities. At the time of applying you can see the fee structure of the related university. But normally fees are affordable and not charge very high. Some of the estimates are given below.

In the case of a bachelor’s degree, you need an average of MYR 7000 annually. MYR is the Malaysian currency. Similarly, for an MS degree, you need an average of MYR 11000. But as we mentioned this is not the final package for you but just the average.

This was the academic average, for living here it also depends on the city. For big cities, you will need more money regarding the rent and others expenses. But the overall package is good as compared to other developed countries. Where tourists pay heavy prices for living.

  • Scholarships for international students 

Multiple sources provide and help the international students by giving them a scholarship. Yes, students from Pakistan or any other country are eligible for the scholarship in Malaysia.

The structure of the scholarships may different. Some scholarships are bounded to specific countries while others are bounded to specific degrees or courses.

If you are curious about how to find a scholarship? That’s not a very difficult job. Search for the desired university and visit their official website. After that look to the scholarship and find the ‘scholarship for international students’. Or you can directly google the keyword “scholarship for international students in Malaysia”.

Malaysia student visa for Pakistan

The procedure which is required for Pakistani students to study in Malaysia is listed below.

After selecting the university and fulfilling their requirement you will be able for a Malaysia visa. Here from the requirement we also mean the fee, you need to pay your fees.

For VAL (visa approval letter) students need to pay their fees and they are also bounded to submit all the required documents.

EMGS is the Education Malaysian Global Services that will accept your VAL but for that, you will wait up to two weeks.

Apart from this, there are some other basic pieces of information needed for VAL to get a Malaysia student visa for Pakistani. You will need a fresh passport-size photo, all your academic records, medical examination report, English language proficiency test (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc), passport copy, etc.