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6 Newborn Baby Essentials To Prepare For Your Baby’s Arrival

While it is widely believed that you shouldn’t start shopping until after your baby is born, it’s a good idea to be prepared for your baby’s arrival. Most parents buy shoes, toys, blankets before or soon after the arrival of the baby.

Here are a few essential items to buy for your baby:

1. Breastfeeding

Regardless of the method you use to feed your little one, the list below will give you a clear picture of basic things you will need to feed your baby.

Nursing clothes: Clothes made of lightweight fabric are very useful for young mothers who are breastfeeding. Buy breathable, comfortable bras, nightgowns, and nursing tops with buttons to allow breastfeeding. 

Breast pumps: You can choose a battery-operated or a manual breast pump. Depending on your needs, you can choose between an open or closed system pump or a pump with simultaneous operation on one or both breasts. Accessories along with the breast pump like bottles, storage bags, labels, clips, are recommended to purchase.

2. Linen

Make the baby’s sleeping area comfortable, tidy, and safe.

Blankets: Blankets and good fleece beds are the best choices for your baby’s bedding. Blankets should be light and breathable. To give your baby a dry, comfortable bed, a mattress protector or quick-drying bedspread is needed.

3. Diapers

Diapers always top the baby essentials list.

Disposable Diapers: Avoid buying diapers in bulk. Instead, buy sample packs of 3 brands and try each one on babies. Depending on the brand you’re most comfortable with, buy a large number of leftovers for your newborn. You can also opt for natural biodegradable diapers especially if your baby has sensitive skin.

4. Clothes

The first thing to buy for your newborn is clothes. Newborn baby clothing should be comfortable and cotton-based. Also, consider the weather when purchasing the following items.

Bed suits: These are full-body or pajama suits for newborns that are designed to be easy to change and put on. Buy half a dozen nightgowns with buttons at the front from neck to ankle.

Socks: It is important to always protect the newborn’s feet when the temperature drops or when you are out. Buy a maximum of 5 pairs of cotton socks with cute patterns to keep your little one warm and comfortable.

5. Bath essentials

The first few times, a newborn just needs to be wiped gently with a sponge or cotton ball. However, your baby will soon be having fun with water in the bath. Here are some of the bath and cleaning products you will need.

Bathtub: Depending on your baby’s size and comfort level, choose the perfect bathtub from the many options available in the market. Although plastic tubs are easier to clean, they can’t expand as your baby grows.

Towels: Purchase 2-3 soft, lightweight cotton bath towels made of absorbent material as it is good for skin and. Don’t forget to buy bulk baby wipes for when your baby spits or needs cleaning.

6. Baby equipment

It is important to buy essential baby accessories when preparing for breastfeeding or going out. Buy a baby kangaroo bag to hold your little one. Once your baby is a toddler, you can put it on the swing, trampoline, or stroller. The market offers a variety of baby gear that is suitable for various purposes. You can pick it up according to your size and color requirements. If your baby sleeps in the nursery, invest in a baby monitor to watch them during the night.


There is a lot to do in preparing for your baby’s arrival, and shopping for all of the basics listed above is one of the most important things to do. These things will help newborns stay healthy, comfortable, and happy.

Muhammad Asad Raza