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6 Frequently Asked Questions on kundan artificial jewellery set

6 Frequently Asked Questions on kundan artificial jewellery set

Kundan artificial jewellery sets are customarily made and sold in matching sets, with incredibly intricate designs. The set consists of bracelets, studs, and choker sets. Today, however, it is also possible to purchase individual parts.

1. What makes the kundan artificial jewellery set unique?

Kundan artificial jewellery is always in demand, but it becomes even more so during the wedding season, as seen in Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor wearing this set. Indian bridal outfits are not considered complete without opulent Kundan jewelry. In addition to weddings, Kundan ethnic jewellery set is worn at any celebration, social event, or religious ceremony. Millions of women purchase Kundan jewelry to go with their Indian clothing, and some even style themselves by wearing them with modern-day western apparel.

When well-known Bollywood actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty, and Kareena Kapoor wear designer Kundan jewelry on their wedding days, the excitement becomes even more. The Indian entertainment sector, particularly television bahus and cinema divas, has made a significant contribution to popularising this traditional jewelry design.

2. What are the different kinds and styles of Kundan jewelry?

An ornate necklace and a matching pair of Kundan earrings make up a classic Kundan jewellery set. A Kundan bridal set is heavier and more elaborately decorated than a typical Kundan set and includes a maang tikka, matching cuffs, and head jewels. Haath Phool, anklets, arm bracelets, headbands, rings, and nose rings made of Kundan are also available for purchase. Additionally, Kundan jewelry is available in unusual patterns featuring heavenly bodies, animal petals, and flowers. Additionally offered in Kundan are Swarajshop pendants, chains, earrings, and necklaces.

3. How much does artificial kundan jewellery online cost?

Costs for customized Kundan jewelry range from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 50,000 when fashioned with solid gold and pricey gemstones. But because Kundan jewelry has gained popularity among Indian young women as a form of in-vogue fashion jewelry, you may get reasonably priced sets and pieces starting at Rs. 5000. (sometimes even less). The reason for the reduced price is that these are fake Kundan jewelry sets and not genuine gold. Such inexpensive Kundan sets are a great substitute for a genuine gemstone and gold Kundan set, nevertheless, if you don’t care too much about their imitation nature of them.

4. What happens if the Kundan jewelry turns black? 

If a piece of Kundan jewelry turns black, the corrosion can be removed by rubbing an eraser over the affected area. Take a Kundan necklace or bracelet to a jeweler for polishing if a significant piece becomes black. It is best to preserve Kundan jewelry somewhere dry so as to prevent black spots from developing on it moisture can make it rusted

5. What designs are used most frequently in kundan jewellery?

There are no set standards for using particular motifs in kundan artificial jewellery set. Nature and design are the most typical sources of inspiration, nevertheless. The motifs are built using various elements of these, with florals being a favored motif again and time again. Usually, the motifs of the pieces immortalize the lovely forms of tulips, lotuses, and daffodils & check new site blog trendswee

6. What cultural importance does jewelry adorned with kundans have for brides?

Due to its elegant and polished look, Kundan is widely used during weddings. Indian traditional jewelry has always been quite bulky and made up of large gold pieces. Kundan jewelry is currently being made lighter in weight with the passage of time, and Indian brides are once again embracing it. Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day, and royals preferred this style of jewelry for a reason. Heavy diamond sets frequently do not match the traditional bridal outfit as well as Kundan jewelry.

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The Mughals encouraged the growth of Kundan jewelry, which is likely the first type of jewelry craft in India. The royal dynasties of Gujarat and Rajasthan were able to successfully adopt the trade after then. You can do online artificial jewellery shopping with Swarajshop in India. They are the best artificial kundan jewellery wholesale suppliers