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5 tips to choose a handbag for your body type


Have you ever seen a beautiful handbag at a store but after trying it on, you notice that it does not do you any favour? or perhaps you saw your bestie rocking an exquisite itsy-bitsy purse and you feel it looks extremely awkward on you? Well, that is not uncommon, let’s get it straight: it all boils down to your body type, but most people do not give a second thought to the fact that bags are part of your clothes and both, your size and shape should be considered before you go ahead and buy some nice clothing. So, choosing the right one for you is very important, should you opt for a satchel or a crossbody tote bag? Keep reading these 5 tips that will help you to find it out.


Most people into fitness culture tend to have this shape, which is remarkable for having hips, waist and shoulders that measure the same width, creating in this way a straight silhouette. If you identify yourself with this description, then you probably would love to create the visual effect of an increase in volume in some areas, to enjoy the curvy look. You can try handbags that you can carry under your arm, such as clutches and hobo style.


Here, you will notice that the waist tends to be the widest part of your silhouette, if compared to your hips and shoulders. You want a bag that helps you to direct the attention to the upper and bottom part of your body. It is ideal to choose structured bags with short handles, while avoiding crossbody bags, sinc these typically add volume to the midsection of your body.


If you have wider hips than your waist and shoulders, then you have a pear shape. Our recommendation is to go for bags that fall between your hips and torso. You could use long-straps bags without being too long, falling on your hips. Another good option are small bags since they will generally help you look taller than you are.

Inverted triangle

This body shape is characterized by wider shoulders, as they look broader than both waist and hips. Here, you will want to focus on drawing attention to the bottom part of your body, so your go-to will be long-straps bags that fall on your hips. You can choose satchel or long crossbody bags, and even the trendy belt bags.


Those with hourglass shape need to remember that it is preferable to wear clothes that attract attention to their waist. So, in this case, we will recommend you to use an oversized bag if you are tall, and if you are shorter you can try using smaller bags such as a carpet bag of a medium size tote.

The takeaway is, the bag you wear can light you up or give you a droopy, dead look, furthermore it can add up volume in the wrong places or accentuate your beautiful shape. Use these major visual tricks and start improving your overall look.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal