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5 Proven Tips to Always Win in Nation Simulation Online Game

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There are many games online that simulate Nation Building, and a vast majority of them employ similar nation-building strategies. In these games, you have to choose your Simulation currency, social and economic policies, and also plan for a national agen 139 slot.

Here are 5 highly acclaimed tips that you can use to win while playing a nation simulation online game.

1. Be adaptive

Remember that strategies for simulation wars are never fixed and you should exercise some level of adaptation. You will realize that the risk map may change pretty quickly, and if you don’t change your strategy to suit the reality at hand, then there is a possibility that you will lose in most of the fights that you are taking part in. Learn to evolve and you will be winning most of your nation simulation games. Always think about the best ways to counter your enemy’s moves and after you are fully in control, you can start going back to your original plan because that’s what will move you ahead.

2. Learn to exercise control over your opponents

In nation simulation strategy games, you will be having opponents who are also trying to build their nations. You can win against them if you can exercise control over how they think. Make sure that your moves are perfect, and you can exercise real control over your opponents all the time. If you can do this quickly, the better you can be. Remember that in nation-building, there are no alliances, and if they do exist, they will be temporary.

3. Control continents

Try targeting continents that don’t have a lot of fronts to defend. South America is a good target because you can easily cut it out.  North America is somehow hard to hive it off for your complete control, but with the right strategy, this can be achieved. Look at your map, understand the territories, and know how you will go about building a nation of your choice. Then you can strategically position your armies, spies, and military equipment in strategic locations. If you don’t, another player will do that and prevent you from doing that.

4. Play Unexpected

Remember that you will be having opponents who also have strategic plans for their nation-building activities. If they succeed in their plans, you will be in deep trouble. Don’t keep waiting and react to your opponent’s move, but rather make moves that will keep them in guessing mode. Even when they believe that you are weak, everyone will remain cautious because you may topple them anytime:

5. Force your opponents to make mistakes

In any strategy game, opponents become frustrated when you keep breaking their plans by making unexpected moves. Make the players who play against you be emotional and they will perhaps make mistakes, and when this happens, you should ensure that you exploit it.


From controlling your opponents, making them panic, and being unexpected, there are endless strategies that you can employ when playing online games that simulate nation-building. You have to be crafty, and always change your strategies to ensure that your opponents don’t come closer to you.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal