5 Outdated Jewellery Items of 90s Which are Still Liked by Many

There were times when you tried out your favourite celebrity outfits and those hotshot accessories from the ’90s. The ’90s have been a memorable fashion era when thousands of fashion trends were initiated. Arguably these trends included jewellery and accessories. Some outdated jewellery pieces are still preferred, whether a headband or a tattoo choker. In fact, a few pieces of jewellery from the ’90s also have a fashion revival. This article will speak about the outdated jewellery pieces which are loved by many to date.

Bold Diamond Rings

Though strikingly large diamonds had been famous in the ’90s, those were elegant and sophisticated. No extra detailing or flashy designs were in trend. Distinctive shapes and marquise-cut diamonds were the treasured choices for engagement rings. Eye-shaped diamond rings used to be the best-loved by women as their fingers looked more slender. The entire trend is enjoying a revival in the 21st century as well. So, if you are yet to select lab diamond engagement rings for yourself, try the bold-cut ones. They are simple, minimalist and classy. 

Crystal Headbands

The ’90s had some unknown love for crystal headbands. From parties to night outs, girls were fans of crystal headbands. Till date, crystal headbands are a thing a lot of women love to add to their collections.

Heart Necklaces

Heart-shaped pendants in circles and bars were a noteworthy trend of the ’90s. Several Hollywood actresses rocked the red carpet wearing these necklaces at that time. This trend is still not an obsolete one.

Dramatically stacked up Necklaces

Yes, it is so relatable today as well. When you have a number of necklaces in your collection, in the ’90s, it was a trend to put them all together for an occasion you are heading to. Still trying to figure out why girls seem to be in love with this trend!

Drop Earrings

Whether a red carpet appearance or a movie promotion, drop earrings have topped the favourite list for a long time. Even in the 21st century, drop earrings are a must-have for every woman out there. It can be of any metal studded with precious stones like diamond, ruby, sapphire, and more.

The Heart of the Ocean 

You will hardly come across someone who has not watched the epic film Titanic yet, where Rose was found wearing the Heart of the Ocean. The piece signifies that the heart of a woman holds an ocean of secrets. The real necklace has 171-carate sapphire with hundreds of diamonds set in a platinum neckpiece. Like the Sapphire engagement rings Hatton Garden, the Heart of the Ocean has persisted in fame. 

Flower Detailing Wristbands

Giant wristbands with flower detailing were and are famous among women. From cocktail parties to invitations, women are in love with flower-detailing wristbands. 


Chokers in every form were popular in the ’90s. Every party attire would have been incomplete without lacy chokers presenting their gothic vibe. Though stylists of the 21st century feel that neckpieces look better on the skin, the ’90s had a different idea. Women from that time loved to flaunt their turtleneck chokers, and these much-loved pieces are back in fashion.

Which one from the above-mentioned is in your collection? Let us know if you have more treasured items from the ’90s in your closet.