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Negative Technology

5 Negative Impacts of Technology on Our Daily Lives

Living in a tech-filled world has a lot of benefits, but there are negative ways technology changed our lives. The impact of technology in the world we live in is a lot. By using computers and cell phones to access the internet, people can plug anytime into social media. Unfortunately, people today are chained to their phones. They cannot even enjoy a meal decently without an interruption from a notification or message. The issue of tech addiction is from adults to children, and it’s daily. Almost everyone is having this experience even when they want to relax. Below is a list outlining the negative impacts of technology on our daily lives. 

  • It is a constant source of distraction 

You can get good and bad distractions from technology. For instance, streaming a movie at site after a busy week with family and friends is a good distraction. But, when everything you need to do is online, with every answer available at your fingertips, it is a huge source of distraction. The distraction can be as simple as not holding a conversation or a difficult one of keeping your phone on your hand as you drive. These distractions of notifications and messages make people lose focus on what they should be doing. All the time, you see people scrolling and texting and not doing what they should. Plus, with the constant flow of information, the escape is getting narrower. 

  • Poor sleeping habits

Poor sleeping habits

Most people today are suffering from sleep deprivation. The worst sleep habit with most people is people staying up late to scroll social media or text with friends. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep the devices away even when you feel fatigued. It is getting harder and harder for people to pull themselves away from online entertainment that keeps them glued to their screens. As a result, it leads to interrupted rest and general poor sleeping habits. Sleeping with the TV on and watching it while you should be sleeping impacts sleep patterns. Plus, regular engagement online with entertainment has made sleep worse, for they keep you more awake, making it hard to get a good night’s sleep.

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  • It has created bullies

While hiding away online, many people today find it easy to bully others. Hence, why cyberbullying is increasing, and today it is a cause for concern in many parts of the world. Most people are braver hiding behind an online presence. Plus, what they say online, they would never say it to a person’s face. Hence why the cyberbullying problem is becoming rampant due to the anonymity people get online. Since people are rarely held accountable for their actions, it is easy to say terrible things all the time. For worst-case scenarios, the things people say online can be deadly as some youth become and commit suicide, and online bullying is the primary cause. 

  • Technology leaves you feeling isolatedfeeling isolated

The attachment to devices with an internet connection can leave an individual feeling isolated. And a lack of human contact in most cases causes depression. Since most interactions take place online, it makes people feel the disconnection from humanity. Yet, most of the friends people have online are not the real friends in their lives. Electronic communications can hurt personal relationships, and it is not close to human companionship. For instance, texting leads to miscommunication and creates distance between people, even those close to us.

  • It may stunt the imagination of children 

When it comes to children’s imagination, you can see the impact of technology. In the past years, before the internet and advancements in technology. Child play was making forts out of blankets or playing in a cardboard box in the living room. Because it’s all they had, the imaginations were endless. But, now, it is different, and we need to ask if technology is harming or hurting the children’s imagination. Today, kids do not rely on their imagination as their tablets have video games that provide nonstop fun. Plus, kids today have a shorter attention span, for there is a lot to watch, and they few minutes of everything. And still, the internet has short videos to bombard them.

Muhammad Asad Raza