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5 most suitable flooring options for cold climates
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5 most suitable flooring options for cold climates

5 most suitable flooring options for cold climates

Yes, we do not change our flooring with the climate. Indeed, we bear about our floor choices for more than a decade. But, it is essential to consider your weather before choosing the floor type. So, if you plan to renovate soon, this is your chance to make the right choice now. Research by yourself or visit a flooring store to get expert advice before choosing the floor type. 

Furthermore, if you live in a cold climate and can bear freezing temperatures, there are many options available to you. In general, most people go with wooden flooring to keep it warm and cozy. Not only that, your floors must be tuned enough to bear an internal heat system. So, upgrade your home floors with the best material available.

Keeping the above factors in mind, here are the five most suitable floor types for cold regions. Consider the choices below:

  1. Laminate floors
  2. Luxury vinyl flooring
  3. Engineered hardwood flooring
  4. Tiled floors
  5. Carpeted floors
  • Laminate flooring:

If you want a material that looks just like natural wood and has insulation properties, laminate flooring is the answer. Many people go for this flooring type for the sake of harsh, cold weather conditions. In addition, this flooring is similar to vinyl plank flooring in many ways but less sturdy than that. 

Furthermore, you can apply a layer of cork or soft foam beneath the laminate floor, and it will act as an insulator in cold climates. As a result, you can comfortably walk on this flooring barefoot at ease. 

  • Luxury vinyl flooring:

Luxury vinyl and vinyl plank flooring are excellent choices for cold weather. It does not expand or contract as the weather changes. Moreover, LVP warms up quickly compared to other floor types such as tiles, hardwood, or laminate flooring. Also, this floor type has its fan base due to its soft and comfortable feel underfoot. 

In addition, you do not have to use carpets or rugs to make it through the cold, harsh season. It is synthetic, but its resins are perfect for a radiant heat-generating floor type. LVP is also durable and warm underfoot. So, you do not have to worry about cold feelings first thing in the morning. And its floor life is close to the hardwood floor. 

  • Engineered hardwood flooring:

Believe it or not, engineered hardwood flooring auckland can withstand harsh and freezing climates better than solid hardwood. How! Arguably, many of its floor components have high radiation limits but make sure you consult an expert on this matter. Unlike solid hardwood floors that shrink in cold air, engineered hardwood floors maintain their shape throughout the year. 

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Moreover, if you decide to install an internal heat system, these floors will stay put in their initial shape. However, you may further protect the wooden floors by using area rugs or runner rugs.  

  • Tiled flooring:

You might be thinking that tiles are usually cold when standing barefoot on them. Indeed, that’s right! But, tiled floors are one of the best options if you use insulators beneath them. In this way, tiles will become warmer in winters as they are cold in summers. In addition, it is the best property of tiles that they are adaptable to any room temperature. 

That is why many homeowners still go for it while having other good choices. Besides the insulation, tiles are easy to clean and come in various styles, designs, and colors at the flooring store. For instance, you can mop the snow or frost with one sweep. 

  • Carpeted floors:

Carpeting is the most common floor solution in the harsh winter season. Carpets are there with natural and synthetic fibers to warm up your floors in a cold climate. In addition, many homeowners get ready with their carpeted floors and large area rugs to welcome snowy evenings. This floors choice is valid for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other high-traffic areas. 

If you want to keep it stylish, warm, and comfortable, take care of your carpets properly. Also, you can switch to low-pile area rugs when the climate gets a little better. Beware of the humidity inside. 

To sum up:

 Do you stress over living in a harsh, cold climate? If that is the case, you need to upgrade your floor to the best insulating one. Choose any one of these floor choices that are best suited to climate change based on this article. Namely, laminate floors, luxury vinyl floors, engineered hardwood, carpeting, and tiled floors are the top choices for cold climates. Consult the best flooring store like Columbus Flooring city for your home. Also, invest in one that is easy for you to maintain. Including under floor insulation is a great way to save on energy bills. You could qualify for an underfloor insulation grant if you are a homeowner. To find out more about insulation grants read Warma UK full guide on how to qualify

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