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5 Essential Characteristics of an Effective Website Design

A company’s website is one of the most important tools required for the recognition of a business, to promote services and boost sales. However, the need to develop an effective website is of crucial importance where the user should find the website easy to use and attractive to online users. The website should provide a seamless user experience and ensure usability making it easier to find the information required quickly.

 An excellent and engaging website tends to attract more audiences, enhancing the number of times users spend on a website and the rate of users revisiting the website to be increased further improving the rankings of the site. However, there are certain characteristics involved in a website to be effective as follows.

Mobile Compatibility 

With the increasing number of mobile phones in the market, people tend to access a website on the mobile so the need to create a well-optimized website is important. Furthermore, browser compatibility needs to be looked upon where errors exist in the behavior of websites across different browsers such as Google Chrome and safari. To provide the user with a good seamless experience requires the designing of a good mobile app that is compatible with multiple platforms, where mobiles range in different screen sizes which becomes vital for a web page to be displayed to the user in a well-made architecture.

Effective Website Design

Fast Loading Times

A clunky website with cramped elements makes the website slower and irresponsible which makes it annoying for the user to access the site with longer lead times. This is one of the main reasons for users leaving the website causing higher bounce back rates. Make sure a website loads with faster load speeds is of vital importance to make it rank on top of other websites. Customer satisfaction can be lost since they expect a site to load almost instantly where a typical customer waits for only a couple of seconds for the page to load after which they will navigate away to the competitor’s site hence losing out on the competition.

Aesthetics Value

Despite having good content on the website but in parallel a website not be so visually appealing to users would be a downturn for users. There are some important elements that need to be kept in mind to maintain good aesthetics and to make the website effective for example colors, typography and the organization of content itself. The use of different colors on a web page is linked to emotional responses for example using heavy contrast colors would be distracting so a balance must be maintained to attract readers towards the website. Custom Web Design Company maintains readability by keeping a balance between design styles used format balancing as required by the customer.

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Keeping It Simple

An overly cramped up website may not be so appealing to users which can be disliked by them. Putting too many elements on a page will make users wonder what the main purpose of the website is where the need for simplicity is of utmost importance to make it an effective website. A clean layout of a website not only makes the website attractive but also makes it easier for users to navigate through multiple pages with fluidity. A fully loaded congested website with design features may be frustrating to users with the main purpose served to be unfulfilled. Keeping the design as simple as possible so that users can find their way through the website with a peace of mind ensuring reliability in the website. 

Customize Templates Design

Users will want to stick to the standard convention ways, which would prefer to use template designs than using custom made pages. Focus on functionality where custom design is more responsive than templates and that not all templates can serve the same business needs, the need to customize the website becomes necessary. An effective website is that fulfills a business’s needs and that information to be extracted from customers respectively. 

Templates might contain additional elements that won’t be needed for other organizations; in addition, once a company begins to grow the extra features can significantly slow the amount of time it takes to load a website. There are some other differences between using both templates and custom designs which depend on factors such as budget, needs where a solution as one size fits all isn’t suitable for all businesses


Custom Web Design Company, saving costs by designing custom websites according to the needs of customers, giving a sense of satisfaction to the user.

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