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5 Common Motorcycle Accidents on Road

5 Common Motorcycle Accidents on Road

Riding a bike is fun and stylish for all ages, but it is also dangerous. Bikers are more exposed to dangers due to the two-wheel mode of transport. But you can avoid accidents and road risks with some attention while riding.

I have been riding for 15 years. As a rider, I will tell you about some risks, threats, and common mistakes that a biker could make on the road. If you do not make such mistakes you can avoid fender-bender accidents which are normal in routine.

In the following blog, here are some common accidents, and their reasons are discussed. Let’s begin

Sudden and panic stop

An accident by sudden and panic stop is a common error a biker always makes. There are many reasons behind a sudden stop

  • Use a smartphone while riding
  • Daydreaming
  • Watching things around
  • Not match the specific speed of road
  • Patches on the road

So, you should avoid motorcycle accidents by using some tips but first of all, you have to quit the above mentioned negative riding habit.

  • Do not rely on the front brake because it gives you more support than the back brake
  • First, use the back brake and then push slightly front for a while
  • Buy anti-lock brake

While change Lane

Car drivers become insane when changing lanes. They would not pay attention to their surroundings. When a car hits a bike, the only biker has to bear injury and lose the bike. The car holder has just some scratches on the body.

So always pay attention when a car changes its lane because most of the time it does not cater to any bike around it. So be proactive to avoid such types of accidents.

When you ride on a speedy highway, always ride with proper gear because highway-hitting seems always dangerous for life. Not all but most drivers do not care about bikers so avoid them. Don’t chase them.

Due to Weather condition

Bad weather conditions have a bad impact on riding. If you are riding during rain then you have to face light road grip which can cause the rider to fall or an accident with a vehicle. Your visibility also reduces on a rainy day.

Riding in winter is also miserable and not advised. If you are riding where there is snow on the ground, you could fall. Besides, another vehicle can also strike you due to a slippery road.

So, avoid riding in bad weather conditions. If you want to get rid of such types of accidents.

Sudden door opening of vehicles

Many drivers used to open sudden doors. It is a very common habit of the driver all over the world. It is very dangerous for bikers because it could only be a danger for bikers.

Always keep your distance from vehicles especially when cross stopped cars.  There is a 100 percent probability of a strike by the sudden opening of the doors.

Don’t drink and ride

Drinking is also the main reason for bike accidents. So, if you want to go for a ride, avoid drinking. It may cause severe accidents.

To conclude, you have observed, that in the case of the biker’s accident, both parties’ biker and other are at fault. To avoid rider accidents, others have to pay attention to their driving.

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