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4 ZitSticka Tech-Infused Skincare Products You Should Know About

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Zit Stick has made quite a name for itself in the skincare industry. ZitSticka tech-infused skincare majorly works towards clearing zits and scarring and helping you attain healthy skin.

The goal is to love yourself the way you are, accept your pimples and imperfections and move towards your best self. Let’s see what all Zit Stick has to offer.

What is ZitSticka

The company’s narrative begins with its founding partners, Daniel Kaplan and Daniel Kaplan. Robbie had a foundation in skincare, tech and pharmaceuticals, and Daniel boasted specialization in human biology. 

Thus, the duo forms the ideal team when you talk about designing excellent skincare products. The creators were astounded to discover that there was no such product as a zit patch filled using pimple-fighting chemicals at the time. 

Only hydrocolloids were available, but none effectively attacked those deep, underground zits requiring ions to remove. As a result, the ZitSticka tech-infused skincare journey kickstarter. 

The creators went into the stealthy investigator phase to find out what the intended audience was up to. It was incredible how many individuals had given up on available remedies. They were attempting strange, new things since they didn’t understand what else to do. 

The duo realized that they needed to go underneath the surface to find the root of the infection to be effective.

ZitSticka Products.


ZitSticka launched its brand with KILLA. It’s a penetrating stick-on patch that employs micro dart tech to implant acne-fighting ingredients directly into initial spots. Hence, these patches effectively stop the zit production. 

To cover the susceptible area plus maintain it sterile, the sticky backing encompasses the premature zit. Every patch includes 24 self-dissolving micro darts that pierce the targeted area (causing a pleasant pricking feeling). 

These micro darts permeate active ingredients past the epidermal layer, directly into the core of the zit. Acne-causing germs are eliminated in just 2 hours. The redness and size of the zit are substantially decreased.

To swiftly and efficiently minimize acne outbreaks, Salicylic acid, Niacinamide (B3), Hyaluronic Acid is combined with Oligopeptide-76, a benign bacteria-busting peptide.


It is the next self-dissolving micro dart patch by ZitSticka, but this one is for dark spots. To lighten and brighten dark spots left by zits, HYPERFADE is filled with a blend of exceptional nutrients. Some of these nutrients are hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide, and so on. 


This product is an everyday supplement that fights acne from within. Researchers formulated this product with a proprietary blend of fatty acids, probiotics, minerals, and vitamins. 

These ingredients help prevent breakouts by reducing surface inflammation, controlling sebum production, and regulating skin-supportive microorganisms.


It is a pore-unclogging hydrogel exfoliation mask containing niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.


The latest hydrocolloid patch contains derm-backed vitamin C, niacinamide, tea tree, and salicylic acid. Such ingredients speed up skin clearance and rejuvenation on shallow zits.

ZitSticka tech-infused skincare works towards helping people overcome their insecurities. It is an ideal blend of tech, biology and skincare, thanks to its founders. 

Zit Stick has five members in its family as of now, ranging from KILLA to GOO GETTER. It aims to produce many products under its umbrella to help the world learn about new, advanced skincare. After all, technology has touched all aspects of our lives, so why not skincare?