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4 Things to Think About When Choosing an Onboarding Solution

It is important to make a good first impression, especially on new hires. Although onboarding is an important element of the employee lifecycle, statistics reveal that we are still failing to provide excellent experiences for our new hires. How can you make sure you check all the boxes when choosing an onboarding tool for your company?

Every firm should make it a top priority to set up new personnel for long-term success.

After all, these are the highly sought-after, meticulously vetted, market-leading examples of talent that we’ve spent time and money locating.

Finally, solutions must meet the essential objectives of traditional onboarding while also allowing for customization to meet specific needs using the intranet in organization

So, what should we think about?

  • Consider Employees who Prefer being mobile, remote, on the front lines, or dispersed.

Organizations are continuing to ‘decentralize’ their operations in today’s world. Flexible and remote working, the gig economy, globalization, and ‘office-less workplaces all bring distinct onboarding challenges.

While many firms choose to bring employees in-house for a week or longer, onboarding is – or should be! – a much lengthier process.

To reach this group of workers, which are the most likely to become disillusioned or leave a company, an onboarding tool that is accessible, cloud-based, and mobile-ready, or that offers an employee onboarding app, is critical.

  • Pre-boarding

During the time between receiving an offer letter and their first day on the job, too many newly hired employees are stuck in limbo.

Counteroffers may be extended, enthusiasm wanes, and uncertainty creeps in during this recruitment and onboarding process stage. How do we keep our new employees’ enthusiasm and attention if we don’t have the momentum of being at the center of the new organization?

An onboarding solution that provides a pre-boarding experience – such as temporary login credentials and content limits based on permissions or customized homepages that show relevant information to create and retain interest – could be the answer.

  • The digital workplace in its entirety

Today’s workplaces use digital tools extensively; the average company uses 500 distinct apps, ranging from productivity tools to cloud storage, email, project or task management, communication tools, and more.

Adding more tools to an already complex technology stack necessitates careful planning. What role will your onboarding software play in relation to other platforms? Is there any software, such as your HR software, payroll, or performance management platform, that needs to integrate and work flawlessly with it? Is it capable of resolving problems that aren’t currently being addressed by existing tools?

It’s critical to have a clear strategy in place that establishes the boundaries and use cases for your various platforms and their capacity to work together, especially if there is overlap in terms of functionality or purpose. If this is a high-priority item for you, double-check the integration functionality.

  • Management of passwords

Because the average email address is linked to 130 or more accounts that require passwords, despite growing knowledge of the risks, many people continue to use weak or reused passwords, posing a significant cybersecurity risk to businesses.

Given that the bulk of accounts are established during the onboarding phase, reducing both the volume of passwords necessary and the administrative burden on IT in managing them is a business objective.

If you’re searching for an onboarding tool, seek one that allows for single sign-on (SSO). Employees can utilize the platform to log into a variety of additional applications and software within your company with a single login. This can lower the number of passwords needed and, as a result, the business’s exposure or risk.

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