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4 Essentials you need during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Amidst a pandemic, one must be prepared to protect ourselves from a variety of health concerns. A face mask, many tissues, hand sanitisers, a pair of gloves, and other items are included. The use of an N95 or P2 mask is appropriate in this scenario. These, like cell phones and wallets, have become inextricably linked to our daily lives.


At this time, a little more caution in public places makes a big difference. Australians are highly conscious of their physical well-being. As a result, it is customary in Australia for everyone to bring these items to public gatherings. The essentials are:

Face Mask

Wearing a mask to be flawless is not only beneficial to the individual, but it is also safe for others around him. It should always be remembered that a face mask must cover both the nose and the mouth, or the virus may be affected. If one is ripped or missing, always have two or three with you when travelling. Masks must be worn by both youngsters and elderly adults when they leave their homes. Between a human and a virus, it functions as a barrier.

Types Of Masks

  • Cloth masks

Cloth markings are preferable due to their ability to support breath. A fabric mask might have two or three layers. One of the commonly used fabrics in their production is cotton. One should not use fabrics with loose knits preferably.


  • Surgical or disposable face mask

They are single-use masks that are primarily used for medical purposes. It may be found at medical supply stores or on the internet. It is not washable and is not composed of fabric. Also, be careful of the size that is appropriate for your face without creating a gap. One can use it in conjunction with other medical masks or a cotton mask.


  • N95 respirators and mask with exhalation valve

For individuals working in the medical profession, N95 masks are essential. Purchasing them ensures long-term security. It comes in packs, and giant corporations buy vast quantities of it. Nowadays, masks with an exhalation valve are not advised.


  • P2 masks

Other types of masks are comparable to the P2 mask. It’s also a disposable mask that effectively filters airborne particles and enhances the quality of intake air. In addition, it can adapt to the shape of the face.


  • KN95 masks

It protects against particle matter to the tune of 90%. This mask may be used up to three times if it is adequately contaminated by UV light.

Hand sanitiser

During travel or when entering a public area, it is natural to come into contact with everything. For example, when touching a door handle or entering an elevator, one does not always worry about the virus. However, this allows the virus to enter the body readily. And it has little effect on the body. As a result, a hand sanitiser is required in this situation. All pathogens can be killed by washing hands with this or soap. To be safe, bring a little bottle of hand sanitiser with you when you travel.


When coughing or sneezing, tissues can be used to cover the mouth and nose. And it’s not as if this is a burden to bear. Aside from that, using a tissue to clean the door handle and elevator buttons is a good idea. As a result, it will be an effective antibacterial remedy.


It is beneficial to your health to keep disinfectant with you while travelling. It is beneficial to wipe the surface that is touched regularly. For example, to avoid infections sticking to phones or car doors, use a strong disinfectant and wipe them often.


The simplest way to prevent the virus from spreading is to wear gloves. Disposable gloves are available and may be disposed of once they have been used.