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4 Creative Ways Business Owners are Using Yard Signs in 2021

The COVID19 pandemic forced many businesses to delay or cancel many of their marketing plans. During the lockdowns, functional efficiency was the priority. Businesses didn’t have the money to lure in new customers – they were busy saving their existing operations. In the post-pandemic marketing industry, there haven’t been many changes since 2020.

Companies are still cautious about overspending on their marketing plans. Affordability is the priority for many businesses when it comes to marketing solutions. That’s why lightweight and portable lawn and yard signs have become tremendously popular with large and small businesses alike.

Here are four creative ways business owners are using these signs to maximize their profits in the post-pandemic world –  

Cost-Effective Security 

Every entrepreneur wants to protect their business location. But, security tools and services have become more expensive than ever in the post-pandemic world. That’s why smart business owners are installing fake security signs. Businesses that find home security systems to be too expensive can rely on budget-friendly signs and stickers for security.

These signs prevent “spur of the moment” crimes. When a shoplifter or a burglar sees these security signs, they are less likely to commit crimes. If you see a CCTV camera sign or an “under surveillance” sign inside a small store, they may be fake. But they do the trick. They are affordable tools to discourage people from committing “spur of the moment” crimes.

Cost-Effective Real Estate Promotions

The pandemic upended many industries, and the real estate industry was no different. Since many real estate developers and agents currently have limited marketing budgets, well-designed yard/lawn signs are perfect for them. They use these cost-effective signs to alert prospective buyers about properties that are on the market.

Protect and Promote Home Businesses

Many people started working from home. Many even started operating their own businesses from home. Although launching a business from home comes with many financial advantages, it comes with one main disadvantage – crowds. Home businesses can attract plenty of foot traffic – from customers, business associates, etc.

To ensure your customers don’t enter the home, use yard/lawn signs to inform them about social distancing norms. Many home-based business owners customize these signs to the tee to ensure they generate brand awareness among people driving by. Plus, these signs are inherently transportable. Switch them periodically to make your yard look fresh at all times.

Pro Tip: Yard and lawn signs are great ideal for displaying QR codes. Generate a code for your home business using an online generator. Print your code on the signs. Place the signs in your yard. People passing by should be able to scan the code and visit your company’s website.  

Promote Local Fundraisers

Many businesses are hosting fundraisers to generate support in the post-pandemic world. There are no better marketing tools than customizable yard and lawn signs for drawing attention to such events. Whether it be a one-time fundraiser or a recurring event – cleverly designed signs can attract large groups of donors.

Other businesses should replicate these techniques to raise awareness about their brands in the most cost-effective ways!

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