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Learning how to sell at least 30 cars a month is a common goal for car sellers. Nowadays everyone dreams of being the seller of the month at their dealership.

But the reality is that an average salesperson does not exceed 10 sales per month, so to be one of the best you have to do something different from the rest.

That’s why Christian Ossorio, a 23-year-old entrepreneur based in Miami, Florida, helps car sellers stand out from the rest and become the #1 seller.

How does Christian Ossorio help car sellers meet those goals?

It achieves this through a methodology already proven for more than 3 years and that has just decided to show it to the world in its mentoring program, in which several car sellers have already passed, and all have been successful, being able to sell +30 cars per month.

All this is possible thanks to the fact that he takes them by the hand from point A to point B to make the path easier for them.

What does this methodology consist of?

In short, it has 3 simple but infallible steps, which are 100% proven that can allow you to sell 30+ cars a month, both new and used.

I will briefly explain the 3 steps.

Step #1: Advertising

Ad on Facebook and Instagram Ads offering a hook, an irresistible offer. Such as a discount, a free driving pass, etc.

Of course behind this there is a deeper strategy such as detailed segmentation so that you only get people with the money to buy now and do not waste time with people without interest and without money.

Step #2: Capture Data

We create a landing page that converts the majority of page visitors into qualified prospects to take them to our dealership already after passing it through several filters in this landing, so that we can stay only with the people ready to buy.

Step #3: Sale

And finally, selling, in which we train sellers to have a minimum effectiveness of between 50% and 80%, that means that out of every 10 people who enter the dealership you can close 5 to 8 sales.

In this advice we show you the whole process behind each step so that you can achieve your goals without failing in the attempt. That is why our students tell us that it is practically impossible that it does not work for you if you follow the steps we teach you.

Apart from that we sign you in a contract the guarantee that you will have those results because of how sure we are of our system.

If you would like us to guide you in this process you can contact us at the following links.

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