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2021 Genesis GV80 – The Luxury SUV you should buy

Genesis didn’t get enough credit in the beginning but has made a remarkable name for itself in the luxury car segment. With the continuous launch of different luxury and classy models, this company gained the recognition it deserves. One of the cars that people love is their 2021 GV80 luxury SUV that has turned heads due to its beauty as well as luxurious amenities, comfort, power, and performance. Take a look at why you should own this stunning car!

Looks of 2021 GV80 

Be it the interior or exterior, the 2021 GV80 proves that it can challenge any rival in the luxury segment. The exterior of this vehicle is magnificent, especially the front portion. The dual headlight design along with a colossal front grille oozes the luxurious aspect of this vehicle. 

The Genesis logo placed just above the grill also plays a crucial role in giving it a royal look. A remarkable four-door layout along with LED taillights and a design that turns around every passerby offers the satisfaction of driving this luxury automobile. 

The interior portion of this vehicle is equally is amazing; be it the comfort it provides as well as how it looks and feels. The interior design will provide an even more upscale vibe when compared with other Genesis vehicles. 

The mixture of metal accents combined with wood trimmings and ambient lighting for the interior gives a person goosebumps about how stunning the interior is made for GV80. It is loaded with features and yet it offers a minimalism sense that makes the interior truly elegant like any luxury vehicle should have. 

Seats placed are of utmost comfort and ensured an ideal riding experience as it also provides a massage function. A third-row seat is an optional feature, that you can choose to have if you need it. The entire cabin is spacious enough for tall-built people, meaning you can travel to any place with any discomfort ad more. 

Powertrain and performance 

Turbocharged and V6 powertrain is available for people to select. The turbocharged model offers 300 horsepower while the V6 easily provides 375-hp. The 2.5L turbocharged powertrain takes about 6.1 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph while the V6 takes only 5.3 seconds. There are rumors about a hybrid powertrain too but no official statement has been released by Genesis yet. 

It offers a stable and comfortable ride, irrespective of the road’s condition. It completely depends on you as to which powertrain you want to purchase. Thus, if you are confused take a test drive of this luxury sport SUV and see which one suits your needs best.  

This is a luxury vehicle that you can’t afford not to buy. It is one of the best vehicles that you will come across in this segment. Looks, power, performance, and more you get it all when driving the 2021 Genesis GV80. Also, it starts from lesser than $50k and the top model will cost you a little more than $71k. So, take a test drive and choose a trim that is perfect for your needs. 

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