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15 Makeup Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know

No matter whether you’re a makeup newbie or a legit beauty pro, you can never resist searching for effortless makeup tips and tricks. It’s like, why opt for time-consuming, complicated techniques when there are a plethora of easy hacks making your process 50 times smoother!

To all the makeup fanatics who are looking out for easy makeup tricks, you’ve landed on the correct page. In this blog, we’re spilling out some of the effortless makeup tips and tricks that will make your complicated makeup routine easier and more fun!

From making your makeup last longer to the details for the best Korean Makeup Products, we will discuss the top makeup hacks for your brows, eyes, lips, and face.

 Hebeloft is the official distributor for top K-Beauty, Hair, and Makeup Brands in Singapore, providing you with the links to 100% authentic Korean makeup products at the best possible prices. So, look at the best cosmetic makeup products to try out the genius makeup tricks for the best look.

Keep reading to explore!

Basic 15 Makeup Tricks for Radiant Glow-

●      Lip Makeup Tips: 

One of the biggest struggles with lip color is that it does not last long. You need to apply multiple coats throughout the day to cover the unevenness and breaks. But some easy tricks will help eliminate the need for various coats application, making your lip color last longer than it usually does!

 Makeup Tip #1: Exfoliate:

Exfoliation refers to removing the outermost layers of dead skin cells. This will help with a smooth canvas, revealing your lip’s surface’s natural skin tone and shine.

All you need to do is use a lip scrub to smooth out the process, following it with a moisturizing lip balm. Opt for Korean Lip Balms, made with natural oil and essence, providing a soft-shiner glow for fuller lips.

Makeup Tip #2: Use a Lip Liner:

To define the shape of your lips, opt for an invisible lip liner. Not only for the shape, but the wax liner will also absorb and grab the color from your lip shade, helping prevent feathering for longer results.

Shop for a Korean Lip Liner Shade that matches your lip tone, helping in effectively filling out the fine lines without irritation.

Makeup Tip #3: Concealer to Prime your Lips:

Primer is considered the best makeup product for the face or lips. Use a sightly wet makeup blender to apply primer on your lips, and then apply your favorite lip shade. The primer will help you with a fuller look, keeping the shade intact throughout the day.

 Makeup Tip #4: Contour your Lips:

Pout-filled lip shade is the new hit internet trend. Everyone’s trying out multiple methods to get the same, but least do they know that it can easily be achieved from lip liner shades.

For all those who want a more defined and larger pout, use a darker lip liner shade to outline your lips, following it with a lighter shade to fill in the remaining space. Make sure to blend these two shades perfectly, meeting for a natural filler look. 

Makeup Tip #5: Finger Technique for Excess Removals:

As we discuss the effortless tricks for the easy makeup process, this classic makeup hack will help remove excess lip color from your lips and teeth.

All you need to do is put your pointer finger in your mouth for a fish pout and then gently pull it out. This will take off all the excess lip color from inside your lips, preventing it from transferring to the teeth.

●      Face Makeup Tips:

Now comes the most critical part, your face. There are many makeup products for your face, but all this glam game depends on your tone selections and applies the same.

Makeup Tip #6: Clean Makeup Blender:

While scrolling down the makeup tricks, you will find multiple tips for applying a makeup product on your face and which blender to use for the same.

But, before this, the essential step is to clean your blenders. Using massaging lotion to clean your makeup sponge and make it free from makeup residue. It will help with gentle removal, maintaining the soft texture of your sponge for a smooth finish.

Makeup Tip #7: Dewy Looking Skin:

As we all know, Korean Beauty miracles are taking over the makeup industry, providing natural solutions to radiant and glam looks. Korean Skin experts will always advise you to go for natural oils-based products, giving your skin the required nourishment for a hydrating look.  

Shop for Pretty Skin Snail All in One Sun+ Primer infused with hydrating facial oil or moisturizers.

The best-selling Korean product will help you with non-sticky UV protection, protecting your skin against harmful pollutants from natural snail secretion filtrate. Available on Hebeloft at only $28.80, this makeup product is ideal for multiple uses.

Makeup Tip #8: Go with a BB Cream:

IF you dream of a flawless, radiant look, you need to spare at least an hour for the efforts. But what if you do not have much time to invest? K-Beauty Brands have a solution for this as well.

Skylake BB Cream on Hebeloft will be the best affordable investment in your makeup vanity, available at only 30.40 SGD. It is ideal for the perfect UV coverage with SPF 36 PA++; it is made with natural oriental herbs that contain brightening and anti-aging properties.

 Makeup Tip #9: Don’t Skip Setting Spray:

 If you want your makeup to last longer, setting spray will help you achieve the desired results. Spray the best Korean Setting Spray on your face after completing all the makeup process, holding the bottle 8-10 inches away from your face.

●      Eyebrow Tips:

 Makeup Tip #10: Find Your Brow Shape:

Before tweezing away the extra hair, find your perfect brow shape according to your face. It will help you with sharp-elongated features, complementing your face’s shape for a better look.

Makeup Tip #11: Go for a Lighter Brow Shade:

Use a lighter shade to fill your eyebrows. A darker shade will give an unnatural look, highlighting the odd feature. Therefore, opting for a slightly lighter shade will help fill the brows naturally, preventing them from a drawn-on texture.

Makeup Tip #12: Accentuate your Brows with Concealer:

Just like the highlighter for your face, a tiny amount of concealer will help accentuate your best brow feature, helping with sharp edges.

●      Eye Makeup Tips:

 Makeup Tip #13: Start with Primer:

Always start your eye makeup base with primer, as this will keep the liner and eye shadow in place for a longer time. Furthermore, it will also help with a smooth base for a more accessible eye shadow application.

 Makeup Tip #14: Use a White Eyeliner:

If you’re eager to try out something new, then go with a white eyeliner under the eye shadow base. This will highlight your eye shadow shade, making it opaquer and more vibrant.

Makeup Tip #15: Under Eye Concealer:

Puffiness, dark circles, and general discoloration are most of our concerns. Therefore, opt for a naturally made gentle under-eye concealer to this sensitive area, applying it in a triangle shape for more coverage.


 These are just some of the effortless makeup hacks that will simplify the makeup process for you, limiting the need to only some necessary makeup products like primer, sunscreen, concealer, and BB Cream.

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