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11 Pro Tips to create a video animation
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11 Pro Tips to create a video animation

Animation is one of the hardest mediums in the art to master, as its requirements change overtime; based on what people want and not the artist specifically. It requires continuous affair of studies and development. Here are some tips you can look into for video animation production;

11 Pro Tips to create a video animation

Dedication to your work

It is essential for the art piece to look as perfect as it can and for that you will be required to draw over and over again, altering and editing areas which need upgradation. Starting off with your work with an aim is necessary, however, it is also advised to explore along the way. Storyboards will assist you throughout your expedition. Animators well known for their work suggest drawing ideas until they become a part of you as that allows the piece to flow freely and have an energetic outcome for the viewers.

Focus on your work, even if it requires you to sit away from others

Continuous interactions can be a killer as they distract the individual’s mind off of the actual task. Interference hinders productivity; distribution in attention can falter work.

To be able to brainstorm ideas and then implement them, one needs space and that can only be obtained if they find solace within their own companionship. It will only give the imagination a chance to ignite the spark of creativity.

Listen through your mind, not ears

Only when you will be able to connect to ideas, internally and empathize with them; will you be able to give them a physical form. Gathering opinions can be very helpful at times, especially if you are creating something which is going to get presented to the masses. Whilst you push your limits, it is also good to follow others suggestions.

Grab attention

It is a must, to grab your viewers’ attention. That is the ultimate goal of your animation. A most common hurdle for an artist is to come up with a piece which instantly bewitches the audience; therefore it is crucial to have an intriguing opening for your animation which catches the eyes and emotions.

Embrace constructive criticism

For someone who creates, it is important for them to understand the importance of criticism; which comes in various forms. You need not take it to the heart and allow it to demotivate you, instead accept it as a blessing and a chance to improve your work.

Don’t overdo

Artists tend to overdo a lot when it comes to creating certain pieces. It may be in the form of adding too many details or adding too much colour. As much as it should be eye-catching, it should remain neutral and not overwhelming for the audience.

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Animation is all about bringing characters and ideas to life, which many animators ignore. It is the mere essence of simplicity and aliveness which supports animations. Perceive things through your character’s point of view, get into their shoes and then let your workflow through their eyes.

Perfection leading to complication

You hit that point at times when you are excited to work on something and make it appear as impeccable as possible, but then you end up disliking the outcome.

Now that is the moment of truth if you are unable to find it interesting; then there is no need to carry on with it. Keeping things simple will not only help you but your audience as well. Simple pathways help you connect more effectively.

Moments of peace

Your animation does not require movement all the time. Silent instances, where the animation still gives an intellectual element to it. It is those instances, where viewers find it easier to bond with the characters and the story behind the animation.

Plan your ending beforehand

Knowing your ending only gives you a heads-up, since endings are the hardest to create and plan. Having clarity about your ending will assist you in creating the backstory to your animation and provide you with guidelines and requirements.

Add realism by simplifying

Adding too many objects in a single scene can cause the animation to seem unrealistic and that will disconnect the audience from the story. You definitely don’t want the shot to appear unnatural and phoney.

Last but not least, the most significant point of all, which you need to ask from yourself;

Knowing yourself

Animation requires hard work and dedication. Not everyone’s cup of tea, therefore it’s important to know whether it’s something you are inclined towards and want as a profession or is it something which you merely enjoy and appreciate.

It is not something which you can achieve in a short period of time, it requires a lot of practice; for ideas to form and imagination to become comprehensible. You need to have the motivation and stamina to become an animator.

These tips have been devised by well-known animators in the industry. You can explore the great plains of animation through following these steps, being able to bring inanimate strokes to life is a noteworthy ability.

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