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essay topics

10 Most Popular Essay Topics: Don’t Want You to Know

essay topics

Essay writing has several types, each with a particular set of characteristics and aims to fulfil. In all essay types, there are some similarities and some differences as well. The whole essay structure is dependent on its topic. Whenever you see essay topics, it means you are supposed to have a long debate on them. The debate has to be logical, with ground realities rather than an imaginary ones. For example, an essay topic is assigned to you. Now you have to collect valid information about two facets of topics. You need to prove why one idea is good to go while the other one is less legitimate. All authentic discussion is made based on the purpose of persuading the targeted audience. As per its importance, this article aims to discuss the 10 most effective and popular essay topics in detail. 

What are the 10 Best and Most Popular Essay Topics, and How to Write Them?

Following are the 10 best essay topics with a detailed guide:

Comparison Between Three Set Meals and Snack All Day

Some people get a suggestion to snack all day, while others are advised to have three set meals. These suggestions are not random but are made on the basis of metabolic rate and the requirement for fat loss. From person to person, the metabolic rate differs and not every person is supposed to lose fat. When writing an essay on such topics, you have to target a particular set of people and based on that, arguments should be made. 

Role of Food Which Children Do not Like 

The bright side of asking kids to eat what they do not like is that they can grow up healthily. Based on the benefits of something you are presenting, it is decided to ask the kid to eat the presented food. In contrast, the dark side of doing so causes pressure on a kid. In this way, he may develop a negative association. 

What Animal Makes the Best Pet?

One of the best essay topics is about animal pets. In such topics, you have to target some pet animals based on their characteristics, and you can better decide which animal can be the best pet. Also, you have to see the feasibility and budget required to look after a pet animal. 

Selection of Best Pet Animal for Training, How to Pick it?

This is another essay topic which asks for detailed arguments. When having a discussion on this topic, you need to clearly mention the animal and then work on its particular domains. For example, you decided to go for a dog. Here, you need to search for trainable dog breeds and discuss them in detail. 

Consideration of Dress Code for School Students

Most schools are in favour of dress codes for students. By looking at its pros and cons, it is evaluated that the dress code plays a significant role in developing a serious atmosphere at school. At the school level, students are supposed to follow all disciplines and be more encouraged to achieve academic goals. Also, dress codes reduce the stress of following trends and fashion. Many students cannot afford high-class dress on a daily basis. So, the dress code works well to save money, maintain discipline, remove class differences and remove social conflicts. 

Comparison Between Playing and Watching Sports for Fun

In such essay topics, you get a chance to work on two different ideas. Here, you have to critically evaluate both ideas in detail. Present your arguments with the help of an example and provide evidence. Also, you can target the health aspect to support your claims. 

Rainy Day and Some Activities to Do in it 

On a rainy day, you get bound to stay at a particular place. It is sometimes not possible to do all tasks that you can perform on a casual day. So, discuss the need of the hour and your interest. This approach can help you plan a perfect day based on the available opportunities. 

Sadness and Some Ways to Deal With it Through Music

This topic for an essay is more inclined toward psychology. So, you can collect data for discussion from psychological platforms. That is how the platform of data collection also plays a major role in making your essay compelling. In case of any problem, you can get assistance from cheap essay writing services

Should Music and Movies Be Free?

From the side of the audience, you can talk about the free aspect. On the other hand, you have to argue from the side of the entertainment industry. Then you have to persuade the reader for a final decision based on the point which has more strength. 

Pros and Cons of Friends Sitting Together in Classroom

In such essay topics, you can focus on students’ performance to make some decisions. Class arrangement plays a particular role in students’ behaviour, management as well as learning. In this topic, you need to discuss the pros and cons when two friends sit together in class. The pros of this aspect include that both of the students will be comfortable in learning. Also, they can freely ask each other if they find any problems in academics.

Furthermore, they develop a good bond with each other, which can somehow affect the environment of the class. Such students may not prefer to get out of their nutshell, which can promote an introverted personality. So, you have to evaluate what kind of effect has a strong result and then make a decision based on it. 

Final Thoughts 

At the time writing on such essay topics, you need to focus on its key elements. These key elements include clarity of idea to make the introduction strong and compelling. Also, there should be authentic arguments with proper support of evidence, and an organised structure should be there in an essay. The last key element is the conclusion, which should ask the reader to take strong action in response to reading an essay. The above-mentioned essay topics can help you in making logical arguments with evidence.