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10 Best Places Buy Facebook pages (Real – Aged – Safe)


Are you looking for the best place to buy Facebook page for sale with a large following? But you don’t know a reputable place that you can trust.

Lucky for you, this article will provide you with a list of names you can trust. These places can provide you with established fan pages that have a lot of engagement and real followers. Read on below to find out and choose the name that you think is right for you.

10 Best place buy Facebook pages


If you want to own a reputable Facebook Page with all the conditions like age, interaction, and followers, then Mid-Man can help you. At Mid-Man you will be able to easily get a Facebook page at the best price for you.

With a friendly website interface and always ready to help, Mid-Man makes buying and selling Facebook pages easier than ever.

Mid-Man will participate in your transaction as a transaction intermediary. This helps to ensure that buyers do not get scammed if they encounter any problems. Transaction speed through Mid-Man is also very fast. That makes Mid-Man the best place buy Facebook pages. Not only buying, but you can also sell Facebook pages on Mid-Man easily.

In addition to the Facebook Page, Mid-Man can also provide you with accounts on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Player Up

A name that is probably not too unfamiliar to those who often buy and sell accounts of platforms, Player Up. And of course, the name Player Up will course appear on the list of best places to buy Facebook pages.

With Player Up, you will be lost in a giant supermarket with different types of accounts. But this will not make it difficult for you to choose a Facebook page for yourself. With Player Up’s filters, all you have to do is ask. You will get the results as a list of Facebook pages that best match your requirements.

Buying and selling on Player Up will help you reach a lot of people. Just remember to always be careful because Player Up acts like a buying and selling forum. This makes it very difficult for Player Up to control the content posted for sale here.


Accfarm is another name on the list of the best place to buy Facebook page. With Accfarm, you can buy both a page and a Facebook account. 

Works based on 3 factors: Instant Delivery – 24/7 Support – 100% Secure. Up to now, Accfarm is still fulfilling these 3 responsibilities with its users.

In addition, Accfarm also provides a lot of accounts from other social networking sites. Accfarm always provides its customers with the best services.


Accs-market is another name that deserves to be on this list. Like the other websites mentioned in this article, Accs-market also supports both buying and selling Facebook pages.

What people love about Accs-market is the friendly, easy-to-use interface. Right on the Accs-market homepage, you will see a data filter. This filter can help you easily find the best results for your needs. This filter also includes a Facebook page topic section, allowing you to choose a Facebook page that matches the content you intend to develop.

If you thought buying a Facebook page would be difficult then Accs-market will make you think again.


Fanpagesmarket is another new name. Although only focusing on developing services around Facebook, Fanpagesmarket still proves its quality.

Fanpagesmarket is also very focused on safety issues for buyers. With the policy, the seller will only receive money when the buyer completes the procedures to hand over the Facebook page. Fanpagesmarket proves itself to be a place where people wishing to buy Facebook pages can completely trust.


Like Player Up, EpicNPC gives you access to people who want to buy and sell Facebook pages. And like Player Up, EpicNPC also acts as a kind of Forum.

While it’s mainly about exchanging game accounts, you can still find people selling Facebook pages here. Although there are not many options for social media accounts, EpicNPC is still a place you can trust if you want to buy a Facebook page.


If you want to own a large number of Facebook pages with the age of about 10 years, FBaccs is the best choice.

FBaccs is capable of providing you with a large number of full-featured Facebook pages. In addition, FBaccs may provide you with other products such as Facebook groups, Facebook aged Accounts, Facebook ADS accounts, and many more.

Fanpage Cash

FanpageCash is another website that can help you buy Facebook pages. Founded in 2010 and a registered company, FanpageCash is trusted by many people.

FanpageCash ensures to keep the transaction information of both buyers and sellers private. In addition, FanpageCash also does not have low-balling offers, and they are also very confident with their prices.

Viral Accounts

If we talked about Fanpage Cash above, it is impossible not to mention Viral Accounts. Viral Accounts is completely similar to Fanpage Cash. They are always ready to give you the Facebook pages at the best prices. has now partnered with What does that mean to you? It means more opportunities, better deals, and higher offers! Don’t matter which site you use to buy Facebook page. But ViralAccounts is considered by many to be a more complete version of FanpageCash. Buy and sell your Fanpage is faster with ViralAccounts.

Fanpage deal

If you want a professional Facebook Page buying and selling experience, then come to FanpageDeal. As an emerging website, they are proud to have many years of experience in Digital Marketing.

By buying an account from FanpageDeal you will always be enthusiastically supported by their team in the development of the Facebook page.

Why should buy a Facebook fanpage?

If you’ve ever used Facebook, you probably know how hard it is to get a following of thousands. And the same goes for Facebook Fanpage.

If you are a business and want to develop a communication channel on Facebook, having more followers is even more important. Imagine this, you start building a Facebook page for business. However, there are other Facebook pages with names that closely resemble your business. This can be very confusing if you don’t have a name on Facebook. 

In addition, having a Facebook page with only a few followers will reduce the credibility of the business brand when looking at it. On the contrary, if you have a Facebook page with a lot of followers. This will greatly increase the credibility of your business. 

That’s why many businesses look to the best places to buy Facebook pages. This helps you shorten the time to catch up with the opponent. Increase the competitiveness of your business on the Facebook platform.

Is buying Facebook fanpage legal?

Facebook bans all forms of buying, selling, and exchanging Facebook accounts. And this applies to Facebook pages as well. That is, Facebook says “no” to buying and selling Facebook pages. But how does Facebook know you bought a Facebook account or Facebook Page? There is no way because you will be buying and selling from 3rd parties outside of Facebook.

What about the legal side of buying a Facebook Page? There is no law that prevents you from buying a Facebook page. You will not have to go to jail, fines or suffer any other penalties if you are caught buying and selling a Facebook page. However, like many other non-physical items, you will usually not be covered by the law. This means that if you are scammed while trading, it will be difficult for the law to help you.

In short, you will not be supported by Facebook or the law if there is any problem when purchasing a Facebook page. So choose a place that is reputable and trustworthy. Also, always be careful when trading.


Hope this article can help you choose the best place to buy Facebook pages. After purchasing a Facebook page, be sure to change your password and security-related information.

Wish you develop a great Facebook page!